THAI METAL PERFORATION CO., LTD. has been established since March 14,1979. Our aim is to manufacture
the perforated metal sheets, the expanded metal sheets and
the checkered plates, since we recognize that these products
can be used in various industries.

Our company, therefore, manufactures these products in order
to substitute those which used to be imported. Now, we have developed our products to have as high quality as those imported.

Furthermore, we also have the ability to create the shapes of holes and the punching patterns depending on our customers' designs
to facilitate and to ensure our customers that they will receive high standard of products in shorter lead time with reasonable price.
We , nowadays, have reached the production capacity of 1,500 square-meters per day (depending on materials, sheet thickness
and size of hole required).


Our company intends to control and develop the product quality by improving the quality of machinery and equipment used for the production such as using a computerized mold drilling machine, using an efficient machine that is fast and more precise in production. Moreover, we also offer a continous services for our customers in completing the base product range.

We have ability to cut, form, bend, weld or notch our base products according to your preferences. Last but not the least, we always give our best in maintaining the quality of our continous services at the same level of our base products.

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