Perforate metal is a mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel, bronze,
copper, zinc or plastic plate perforated in circle, square, slot, triangle
or any possible shape of holes according to the customer's need.

The inherent qualities of perforated sheet are durability, beauty, light-weight and easiness to care.

The Perforated Sheet is traditionally use as agricultural seeds screen, filter plate or voice absorbing material as well as in making fence or glare wall, or applying in decoration (ceiling, tiles, showcase shelves.)

I Perforated Sheet Specification I

Expanded metal is the metal sheet ripped and stretched into strands but joined at the knuckles. This pattern increases the strength and decreases the weight of the metal simultaneously.

The expanded metal provides the rigid and durable sheet that ensures excellent load bearing property with less distortion in shape. it also contains supreme surface friction, light-weight and beauty.
The expanded metal can be used in many ways such as making fence or overhead walkway, using as construction wire-mesh, using as filter plate, making ventilation grills or showcase stand etc.

I Expanded Metal Specification & Mesh I

Checkered plate is a metal sheet pressed to be a particularly protrusion design. The checkered plate is normally made from stainless steel or aluminium.

The properties of the checkered plate are high friction, beauty and durability. Moreover, the protrusion design furnishes the effect of reinforcement and increases the strength of material simultaneously.

The Checkered Plate is used in making a cold storage room or elevator floor, truck and tour bus staircases as well as decoration materials.

I Checkered Plate Specification and Sample of Pattern I

The metal sheet which is passed the burred intention perforation
process that lifts the edge of the hole in order to increase the friction factor

The burred perforation sheet is widely used in many industries as the anti-slip floor especially when the workplace is in oily circumstance .It can also be used to make the washer machine drum. In some case, it can be used as a decoration wall or making glare fence.

I Burred Perforation Sample of Pattern I

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