The following procedure is recommended :
a.  The strands of adjoining sheets should slope in the same direction
b.  The flat straight edge of the mesh must be placed upwards. The reverse face of the sheet has curved
     edges at the intersections
c.  The ends of TMP grating should bear on structural supports

d.  Adjoinging (butting or lapped) sheets can be welded together or a support can be welded beneath the join
      in the grating
e.  It is comparatively simple to shapeTMP walkway grating and to cut holes for pipes or structural member.
      All cut-outs should be edged with a bar welded at contact points


           An improved clip for fixing sheets of expanded metal grating direct to structural steelwork has been designed. This consists of an upper saddle engaging over two knuckles of the grating with a screw passing through the saddle and tightening into a lower clamping strip which is notched to engare with the bottom edge of a knuckle.
          The advantage of this arrangement is that the need to tighten a nut from below is eliminated.

           With saddle and clamping strip held together by the screw, the end of the clamping strip is worked through the grating , positioned correctly and the screws tightened. Recommanded distance between clip fixings is 750 mm.

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