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    In mid-June , we will add a new machine to our fleet in
    order to increase the production capability of our plant.
    The new machine is LVD DELTA 1250 LB that has
    sophisticated features as follows:-

    The DELTA CNC turret punch press in punching
    technology for superior perfomance in processing
    small, medium and large sheets up to 6,4 mm thick.

    Engineered for productivity, with a rigid C-frame
    design and high-speed hydraulic system, DELTA
    provides high  flexibilty and fast, simple operation to
    improve your  punching capabilities.

- Max.sheet thickness (mild steel)                           - punching
- Tonnage available through stroke
- Punching area without repositioning
- Punching area with one repositioning (X)
  (turnover in Y-axis also possible)
- Max. number of strokes punching (25 mm pitch)
- Max. number of strokes nibbling (1mm pitch)
- Position accuracy
- Repeatable accuracy
 : 6.4 mm
 : 200 KN (20 t hydraulic)
 : 2525 x 1275 mm
 : 5075 x 1275 mm

 : 320 strokes/min
 : 740 strokes/min
 : +/- 0.01 mm
 : +/- 0.05 mm


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