We have been the most
expert company in manufacturing
perforated metal, expanded metal, and checkered plate for over 20 years

Our products have good reputation
in quality, short lead-time and
variety of the products in terms of
product size, thickness, shape and
pattern of the holes.

The above information clearly
demonstrates that our company
exerts to be manufacturer
who produces superb products
that meet all customers' need.

In this modern world, Thailand plays an important role in various kinds of industries, such as agriculture, food
and automobiles. Thai Metal Perforation Co., Ltd. is one of the biggest manufacturers in Thailand who produces the perforated metal sheets, the expanded metal sheets and the checkered plates which can be used in many industries such as :-

Agricultural Industry: Our products are widely used in the Rice Mills, the Sugar Mills etc.

Food Industry: In Dehydrated Fruits Plants, Frozen Foods Plants etc.

Automobile Industry: They have been used in Air-Filters, Oil-Filters, Cylinder Head Gaskets,and Mufflers Production.

Architectural Industry: The perforated metal sheets are used as Metal-Ceiling Tiles, as Sound-Absorbing Wall
and Display-Shelves etc.

Moreover, our products can be adapted to use in other industries besides those mentioned above.
Therefore, we determine to make the utmost standard products so that our customers will have confidence in both quality and suitability for their needs.


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